Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Know It's Hard, but Hold On...

You wake up every morning just to drag yourself to bathe.
You know you want to rest, but the street is going unrest.

You saw your children, they're wishing you'd stay and play, but you know you ought to be tough...
Scratching this earth for money, for those who have not will surely lost in the journey, and you don't want your family to be like that

I know it's hard, but hold on, nobody is saying that you're not trying.
Be bold, be strong, be a super hero for everyone.
Deep inside you thought you're not giving enough, but you are, oh you are...

If you ever thought that you meant nothing then you're wrong.
There is always someone who would love you and accept you no matter how broken you are...

I know life is not easy,
But never think to give up.

Take a deep breath and smile, look up to the sky and remember;
Someone up there love you very very much,
And that you are meant to be understood and appreciated. Not just taken for granted...

To all mothers, fathers, workers, and struggling souls out there... May the Lord gives you courage to always have fun when you can't even see the joke :)

wrote this in my FB Note on Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 11:08pm

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