Sunday, January 03, 2010

Understanding Unconditional Love

How many times have u said "I love u?"
How many times you really meant it?
Or is it just... words?

Will u still love if he doesn't love u back?
Will u still love if he treats u badly?
Will u still love when there's nothing to eat?
Will u still love when there's no place to sleep?
Will u still love if he's not the same person u fell in love with?

I had the chance to learn about unconditional love few days ago.
I had some problems with my one and only, and at that moment I had to make a decision.

Yes, we have some problems, but who doesn't?
Yes, it hurts so bad, but we had so many great times too.

As I reminisced the old days when we're together, madly in love with each other, I remember what I said to myself,
"This is the person I'm gonna love for the rest of my life. And I love him, unconditionally..."

I didn't have to count his good deeds, I already knew they'll beat his flaws.
I didn't have to do the math to have the result of my heart.

I felt that warm feeling inside me; though I was cold, sad, hungry at that moment.

I love u no matter what.
I do love you no matter what you did, do, or will do.
I love u unconditionally.
It's hard for me to understand it, and even harder to accept it.

I love u not because u love me back.
I love u not because u're kind to me.
I love u not because u never broke my heart.
I love u not because I carried ur children.
I love u not because I can't "unlove" u...

I love u because I do
Because my heart beats faster when I saw u walked through that door,
Don't u know they say I shine when u're around?

I love because of u
You thought me love without words, but by giving me all u can, all u have. And I'm not so blind or stupid to ignore it...

So, do what u need to do.
I can only pray you will not hurt me more than what we've been through.
These past days I learned that Love should not be valued by the amount of love you gave me, nor by the same treatment I gave u so u oblige to me.

It should be valued by myself.
By who I am.
This is me, ur wife, loving u, unconditionally.

I can't make u love me the way I love u
But that's okay.
Because I know that u do, eventhough I never asked u to.

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