Sunday, January 03, 2010

a letter to an unfaithful wife

How long have we been friends?
5 years? Or more?

I tried my best to be your good friend,
I tried not to judge but simply understand.

You told me how he was in your arms, and the next day, you and his wife, your close friend, met at a cafe and acted as if nothing happened.
As if you were not kissing him, or listening to his song about how incapable and boring his wife was...
As if you were not recalling his scent and how warm he was when the night was cold...

I did not judge, I simply listened.
You were sad, lonely, insecure, unloved, and often misunderstood.
You seek for love, care, patience, acceptance, and approval...
You thought your husband has lost it after you gave birth to your son.

So yesterday, you cried...
In my arms, you sobbed and cried...
You cursed the other women who stole your husband's love from you,
and you shouted:
"What did I do to deserve this?"

I tried not judge, yet I smiled.
And you asked me...
"Tell me what's on your mind..."

You knew I couldn't lie
"We get what we give, and that's for sure.
For world is balance, so ask no more.
When we're hurt, don't scream to the sky and ask 'why', instead seek the answer in you heart and stop telling lies..."

You hurt your husband, your kid, his wife, his kids, and himself...
Most of all, you're hurting yourself...
Stealing somebody else's heart is not the key to happiness.

You can not feel completed by taking what is not yours...
I'm sorry, I tried not judge, yet I failed.

But now, I bow myself lower to the universe,
Once again You showed me how life is a circle
And what You promised will always come true...

God, give me strength to be a faithful wife.
For I don't want to suffer what she's feeling right now.

God, give me the wisdom to read all Your signs.
So I can never be lost,
and would always be found...

May love, patience, understanding, approval and acceptance protect you,
from yourself...

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