Monday, June 04, 2012


As we live our life, we often meet crossroads.
Which 1 to take, left or right, move or stop, or go backwards.
We know we have choices we have to make, and though we feel we're very free to make one, there are always consequences.

Often we stop at the middle, just to calculate win or lose.
Sometimes we make decision based on math, but also often by our heart.
If we listen carefully, if we stay still and be very very quiet,
we can hear a tiny voice telling us where to go.
That voice can only speaks the truth.
You might think it's irrational, you might laugh at it, but it's the truth.

To be able to communicate with your compass, to get to know your soul.
To follow the destined path.
To be your beautiful-self without doubts.

The choices we made, shape us to be who we are now.
There are no right or wrong, there are only conditions.

Don't be afraid with choices you have to make. Life is just a joke with a very good script writer :)
So, just make one and enjoy your ride.
When you have faith, All is Well.

TMII- while my heart is breaking and aching, I still remember :,)

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