Saturday, March 17, 2012

Will You?

You betrayed me and made me feel unworthy.
Such a small matter made me lost myself.
My head was spinning, my heart was racing.

This happened more than once.
Over and over again, you took me for granted.
You see me as nothing, yet you won't let me go.

But I don't hate you.
I love you still.
I just wonder why.

Why are you so fond of hurting me.

At the most beginning of time,
you made me promise that we will always be together.
That no matter how hard, I will never hate you, will never leave you.
I said yes.
I said I will love you unconditionally.
Through space & time.

And here I am.
Waiting for you to see.
This is me.
The same being.
The same soul.
I love you.

Accept that.
Your lesson now is acceptance.

Don't reason things.
Accept them.
Accept me.

Will you?

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