Monday, March 05, 2012

Just Stay

You said the last thing you want to do is to hurt me,
and I said I'm a different person, now.
You can't hurt me anymore. I'm a grown up.

It's true.
In the past, you hurt me too much, I learned not to expect anything from you.
Every time I hope, I hurt. So I stopped hoping.
I just accept that I can't be with you.
That there is no hope for you and me.
I really stop hoping.
But I never stop loving.

The pain you gave me, left me a wound that would never heal.
After a long time, I learned to live with it.
Accept it. Embrace it.
So that I learn unconditional love.

I love you, just the way you are.
No matter how much you hurt me, left me, tore me with the feelings of rejection, unwanted, and unloved,
I still love you.
When people hate you, saying bad things about you, I still love you.
I can see that in the future, no matter what will happen, I will still love you.
I'm not a holy person by doing this, I'm forced to.
Every time I resist, the pain echoes.

Your happiness becomes my happiness.
When you're hurt, I'm the one who hurts more.
No body wants you happy more than me.
I love you, just by being you.

Sending you prayers makes me glad.
Seeing your smiles makes my world goes round.

This is the great lesson I had, in this life.
You are a big phase of my life, as I saw the cuts I made when I wanted to divert heart pain to physical pain.
But it is okay.
I am now okay. I grew up. I survived. And I love you, always.

I will be your friend, whenever you're lonely.
I will be your lover, whenever you're cold.
I will be your home, whenever you're tired.

Maybe some will pity me and think I'm crazy,
but I'm happy.
Loving you makes me happy.
So, all I want you to do is just stay
and be happy.

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