Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Week that Changed My Life

Hey you :)

So, last week was crazy. On Friday, I decided to take a break from everything, and focus on what makes me happy.
I was having a hard week and he wasn't helping at all, since he also has his own problems.
Really can't blame him.

But then, I realized that maybe I too have stopped loving him.
I've been acting like the sincere & devoted wife, while actually I'm still counting on how much love I invested on him. I was mad he's not returning the investment. He's not giving enough.

So, maybe he stops loving me, and I'm tired hoping that love bounces back, so I stopped loving him too.
But now, everything is great.

We both know what to do. It still surprises me how cool both of us about all of this.
But we know that from now on, we have to be very honest to ourselves.

Before, there were two...
Now, we're walking alone.
Thank you, for the amazing journey :,)

God bless you, my dear partner.

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