Friday, March 23, 2012


I love you, still.
After so many years, I never thought you're still in my heart.

I'm on this beach, watching the waves kissing the sand.
And I feel so blessed to be here...
Seeing the sunset.
I feel love all around me.
And I remember you.

The one who hurt me the most.
And yet, I can't hate you.
I can't let you go from this heart of mine.

It's okay.
I'm okay.
I will forget about those kisses.
Those hugs.
Those smiles.
Those sweet words of yours.

I will still love you, I guess.
But I will forget all of our stories.
I will not hope from you.

Hope is the lover of heartache,
and you gave me enough of those :)

In this beach,
I accept that I love you.

I accept that I'm nothing to you.
I accept that whatever will happen, I will not lie again to myself.

I will not pretend I love somebody else, just because I'm in pain for loving you.

I will try to be happy, alone.
I love you, dear.
And yes, it hurts.
But I accept it. Gracefully :)

In the name of love, I learn acceptance.

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