Sunday, February 19, 2012

i don't know

elsa mora's art "Fallen Tree"

There were two, you and me.
But now, I guess I'm alone.

You're not here anymore.
I see you, but I don't see you.
When I couldn't breath, you weren't there
When I wanted to cry, you weren't there

When I felt it's the end of everything, you weren't there
So, I guess I'm all alone, now.

You used to promise that we will always be together.
No matter how hard,  you'd always be there for me.
You used to say, that you and me are destined to be one,
but now, where is my half?

I called you, shouted you, many times, many occasions.
You. weren't. there.
I am shaking,
with this heart of mine,
will it stops ticking? I don't know.

I used to care, because I wanted to be with you.
Now, I don't know whether I should care or not.

Is it the end? 
the story of you and me?

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