Saturday, January 28, 2012


Another dream,
but this one during the day.
You were there.
You waited for me, but I walked away.
You were going to another direction, so I didn't want to get in your way.

After that, I was caught in a storm.
Wet, soaked, and sad.
Cold, I went to a place to dry myself.
Found a towel and warm myself.
A stranger saw me and picked me up.
Without hesitation, he picked me up.
Took care of me.

Who would save me? It wasn't you.
It was a stranger. Who would pick me up?
It wasn't you. As always, you would just stare and leave me.
Thinking I'm strong enough, brave enough without you.

I'm not the same person as I used to be.
I'm not longing for you. I don't need to be saved.
I am cold, but I'm okay with that.

In my pain, I'm free....

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