Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Forbidden Love

Love should be beautiful,
when it's hurting you, it's not love.

Love should be simple,
when it's complicated, it's not love.

how many of us crawls this earth in search of love and acceptance?
how many of us, think that we have succeed; loving, accepting, understanding that one special person and having the same in return?

It is not love.
Love should give. Love shall not forget.
Love should flow. Love shall not count.
Love should grow. Love shall not die.
Or should Love?

Love within, is the answer, not the love without
Love yourself, it's the key, not search them outside

Loving is learning, learning is living. Love in life makes living worth the fight.
Love yourself, love your family, love your friends, love your co workers, love your enemies

But Love Not the hatred that turns you numb to love
Love Not the sadness that numbs you also from love
Love Not the revenge, self pity, self centered, ,all those that will drag your soul down.

You are SO Beautiful! You deserve nothing, but love.

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