Monday, May 16, 2011

Because I Love You Too Much

Dear Children,

I know I'm not a perfect mother, but I'm a perfect person for you.


Because you have not only my blood, but also my heart and soul.

When you're sad, my heart is breaking. When you're sick, I wish I could take away all your pain. When you're disappointed, I want to turn the whole world up side down just to make you feel better.

You are my sons & daughter, and my greatest legacy would be you.
Not my writings, not my career, not my money. You.

Because I love you too much,
you might not understand why I'm being so hard on you.
Why I kept yelling at you? Because I want you to realize that you did make mistakes.
Why I kept pushing you? Because I believe in you so much.
Why I kept punishing you? Because I want you to be the very best of you.

Dear Children,
I don't want you to be rich, famous, or other ambitious hopes.
I want you to be happy, healthy, and useful to others. As long as you're not a burden to society, as long as you're a good person, I'm happy.

It's up to you to color your life. But right now, I'm preparing the best colors for you to use.
Which one will you choose, it's up to you.

Because I love you too much, I might hurt you a lot.
Frankly, I'm not sorry. It's a tough world out there, and better I doing that to you out of love,
than anybody else, out of hate.

I love you so much. I know someday you will realize it. Maybe at that day, I'm not in this world anymore.
But be very sure, where ever I am, I'll never stop loving you....

Your no. 1 fan

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