Sunday, January 03, 2010

[another] love letter

Hi dear...
Do you remember you once said that you would stop the time
so you can always hug me
and you would sleep on my lap
feeling all peaceful and glad?
No more expectations from the world...
No more chasing, no more running...

We would hold silence in our palms
and not say a thing
We're just so happy to be together,
hell with the world :)

We never understood, at that very moment
you DID stopped the time...
I hold it dearly in my heart
You carry it deeply in your soul
None of us realize it...
None of us think it matters

You see, we live in a world of balance
For every action, there will be equal reaction.
It is fair.
It is balanced
It is the law.

What we say bound us.
We are fully responsible of our words and behaviour.

All those love, came from heart...
All those care, truth from the start...

So... now you're in that body
and I'm in this body.
I believe things happen for a reason.
I might have hurt you in the past,
that was my part.

You had never tried to make it right
that was your part.

In this bodiless experience we're having
I need not to say I love you the same.
And I need not to know your affirmation.

Remember, for every action there will be an equal reaction.
So in times, I'm calling your soul to come meet your loved ones
In times, you called me for help and I as you know
I have and will always always be there.

We have each other no matter what...
Again, through time and decades
we blast the meaning of time
blast from the past
You will always have my support
my love
my understanding
my forgiveness
my approval
my everything

when two souls become one
it is not a matter of physical collaboration,
it's a matter of material blending in the universe.

Take a rest, dear...
You need that..

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